Sunday, July 8, 2007

Service Oriented Architecture diagram template

In a past project I had to create a Service Oriented Architecture diagram. Before I created it, I searched on the internet to find a template I could re-use.That I couldn't find anywhere. As next best solution, I used many diagrams as inspiration to come up with my version.

Since I believe in re-use, I wanted to share my knowledge and give others a headstart by providing the the diagram I created online. The actual diagram from the project I couldn't use, so I recreated a new diagram from scratch. Below you see the final version and a link to the editable(!) actual .odg document you can download. It has been created in OpenOffice 2.1 Draw.

The diagram is free for you to use, just as long as you refer to were you got it from:

And this is the link to the actual document.

Hope you find it useful. Comments/feedback/tips are of course welcome too!

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