Saturday, January 12, 2013

Got my Kickstarter BERO remote controlled robot in

Last year I funded one of the BERO robots via Kickstarter. And last week the matte finish black Basshead arrived! This is wat it finally looks like:

Quite a sturdy little robot, remote controllable via an Android and iOS app. Biggest challenge was to switch it on! In the supplied instructions it said to turn it on and off, but I just couldn't find the on/off switch! Almost sent out a question for this to the support, but then I found it! Below a picture, should you come across the same problem.
And some Android app screenshots with which you can control the Bero: Splash screen
Home screen
Control screen to let Bero react (dance) to sound/music
Eight programmable modules for its movement/lights/sound
So, quite funky!