Saturday, October 25, 2008

Best of this Week Summary 20 October - 26 October 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Best of this Week Summary 07 October - 19 October 2008

  • Having nice user-friendly bookmarkable URLs when you're using the Wicket web framework is not so trivial. Especially if you want those nice URLs when validation errors occur. As an example, on this Wicket based site enter "hello" in the end-date field. Now check the URL in your address bar just before you click Filter ( and right after the submit when you see the validation error ( Here's the solution for those cases too!

  • Have you been clickjacked lately?

  • More clarification from Rod Johnson on the new maintenance policy for Spring.

  • As a side note, Microsoft is designing a new programming language "M", part of its new Oslo development and service-oriented strategy. Most likely it will be .Net based. Will it ever see the day of light? Much more concrete is this new open source Touchless SDK, which enables developers to create multi-touch based applications using a webcam for input.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best of this Week Summary 06 October - 12 October 2008

  • One of the many nice editions of The A-Z of Programming Languages series, this time on C#. Yes, yes, that word is not supposed to be on this blog, but this article is still interesting if you're into programming languages. For example the challenges when designing a language. Check also the other editions, for example about: AWK, Forth, Modula-3, Python and Javascript.

  • An Amazon S3 introduction/beginners guide for setting up hosting of images.

  • Four cases of CSRF attacks desribed, including one were it was possible to transfer money from a bank account! Check also the mentioned paper on how to prevent them: Cross-Site Request Forgeries: Exploitation and Prevention. The paper explains how to prevent CSRF in your web-application/frameworks: don't let a GET modify anything and pass a random number in the cookie and each form POST. It also describes XSS and the same-origine policy.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Best of this Week Summary 29 September - 05 October 2008