Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best of this Week Summary 22 February - 28 February 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Best of this Week Summary 15 February - 21 February 2010

  • Expected that Mozilla uses Agile everywhere, and definitely on its flagship Firefox? Think again, only recently they started to combine Agile and more traditional Waterfall as their new development model, dubbed "Lorentz".

  • Tips for hardening your Tomcat installation. Other implementation guides, not only limited to Tomcat (also for example WebLogic) tips from U.S. DOD DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) can be found here.

  • Always interesting to at least quickly browse through: a review of the 1993 code of Doom. And more "today": the code of Doom for the iPhone reviewed.

  • Think you know Javascript? Try one of these quizes!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best of this Week Summary 8 February - 14 February 2010

  • Five new features of Spring 3.0 described:

    • Spring Expression Language (SpEL)

    • Object/XML Mapping (OXM) module

    • Type-conversion system

    • Formatter SPI

    • RESTful web services support

    What new Ajax simplifications have been introduced can be found here.

  • The Java EE 6 web tier introduces with Servlet 3.0 spec the ability for asynchronous processing of requests so that the thread may return to the container and perform other tasks. It also "adds annotation based configuration (@WebServlet, @ServletFilter and @WebServletContextListener) making the web.xml file optional, and introduces a new concept of web fragments."

  • Introductionary article to Apache Click. One difference between Click and Wicket is that Click is stateless by design, while Wicket is stateful. Both can be configured their "opposite" model, though these have their own pros/cons.
    Another main difference is that that Click uses templates (Velocity by default) where Wicket does not.

    Sidestep: here's a bunch of nicely designed Wicket sites that scale (note: not really clear where the scalability statements come from).

  • A 60 minutes presentation on how SOA is a hit at eBay.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best of this Week Summary 1 February - 7 February 2010