Monday, March 24, 2008

Best of this Week Summary 17 March - 24 March 2008

  • What should you use in your SOA project: a BPEL process or an ESB?

  • Part 4 in a series on SOA Design: why and how you should use canonical models in SOA. "The canonical data model defines the structure of an organization's information."

  • SpringSource just released their SpringSource Tool Suite. Notice that it is different from Spring IDE. For example it helps you find common pitfalls and best Spring best-practices violations.

  • Yahoo! has released new performance best practices for building webpages.

  • Ways how you can run Firefox 3 beta 4 and Internet Explorer 8 while still being able to easily switch back to FF2 and IE 7.

  • The new OpenHub spec version 1.1 from the OpenAjax Alliance now also includes IBM's contributed Secure Mashup framework (SMash). SMash provides for secure handling of third-party mashup components. OpenHub can be used by developers to "integrate multiple toolkits within the same Web page while toolkit developers can use it to allow toolkits to talk to other toolkits."

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