Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best of this Week Summary 15 June - 20 June 2009

  • Finally I found a good summary of JavaOne 2009 (PDF) by Frank Cohen.
    Two other pretty good summaries can be found here and here. Both are split into days, so some browsing required :)

  • This blogpost describes how's the opensource project MySQL fork Drizzle handling code contributions and testing. Some rules for the 100+ contributors are:

    • No code will be accepted that works by disabling any existing tests

    • It is not allowed to contribute code that causes a compiler warning

  • Here's a nice summary of Google Wave's architecture.

  • This week I performed a short research on tools being able to generate Java classes from XSDs. All I wanted to use it for is generate my domainmodel classes, nothing more, nothing less. No need for Java <--> XML binding/conversions. Another requirement was that the generated code should not contain any dependencies on that tool. Finally, it has to run under JDK 1.4 too :( Because of that last requirement, this summary was already quite handy. Well, I thought the research would be pretty easy, but it wasn't. Actually, in the end I didn't succeed. None of the below tools generate code that has no tool-specific imports. Do you know of any tool that should do it? Let me (us :) know in the comments! Below a summary of my findings:

    • Castor 0.9.x and 1.3: generates classes (no interfaces), with matching Descriptor classes per class that can be used to validate the created object. Imports org.castor.* stuff.

    • XMLBeans 2.4.0 generates interfaces and implementing classes. Both import xmlbeans classes.

    • JAXB 1.0 generates interfaces, implementing classes and runtime classes (haven't figured out what that is exactly). Imports JAXB classes/interfaces.

    • XMLSpy 2006 Enterprise Edition: generates classes. Looks more like you expect, "one class per type". But also needs com.altova.* imports.

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