Sunday, April 5, 2009

Best of this Week Summary 24 March - 05 April 2009

  • How can you make sure your site can handle peak-loads? This article lists the possibilities:

    • Over-provisioning (estimating what the peak will be).

    • Under-provisioning.

    • Right-sizing: estimate for a short period in time, then scale up or down: flexible scaling and auto-scaling.

    How this can be achieved? Add a middleware virtualisation layer that helps the application take advantage of these new dynamically added resources. The article also describes in detail how to add auto-scaling to your existing application, including a description how to try it out on GigaSpaces XAP which uses EC2.

  • Quite amazing, runs on only about 1000 servers (and that's mirrored, so only really about 500 servers). Salesforce has more than 55K enterprise customers, 1.5M individual subscribers, 30M lines of third-party code and hundreds of TBs of data.

  • Here's a list of criteria when selecting a SOA testing tool.

  • A nice introduction to Hibernate's second-level cache.

  • Five tips for successfully deploying Maven. Including a bunch of pros and cons in the comments.

  • On a keep-an-eye-on-this-innovation side note, Digg introduced a interesting (new?) way of a URL shortener like TinyURL, and at the same time attract traffic. Just prefix any URL with, and voila, a shortened URL appears including a Digg toolbar. Below I entered in the address bar:

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