Sunday, June 8, 2008

Best of this Week Summary 31 May - 08 June April 2008

  • Interesting article on how to do estimates with Use Cases.

  • The Google Ajax APIs will be available via cached versions for faster load times, stored at Google's servers. Hmmm, doubt that you want to depend on that...

  • An insight in Google's datacenters. Definitely worth reading. Google's core software consists of: GFS, BigTable and MapReduce.

  • The OpenAjax Alliance has created a set of papers "as a guide to help Web developers and IT managers understand and evaluate Ajax, define a successful Ajax strategy, and become familiar the important role OpenAjax plays in the development of the Ajax market". This one is an interesting one as it describes Ajax for mobile devides. On the other hand, browsers like Opera can already handle (some form) of regular Ajax, so is it worth making the distinction?

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