Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best of this Week Summary 7 June - 13 June 2010

  • When rewriting an app from scratch doesn't make sense, and when it might make sense.

  • Java deadlocks through Cyclic Dependencies: title says it all.

  • Carnegie Mellon University's CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) has released the Basic Fuzzing Framework (BFF), which is a simplified version of automated dumb fuzzing and includes a Linux virtual machine that has been optimized for fuzz testing and a set of scripts to implement a software test. It helps identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities from software products.

  • A nice (external) analysis of the FIFA World Cup website against performance best practices.

  • "Nokia's set of learning and teaching materials on Java in Mobile Devices (JME/MIDP). In fact, it is Forum Nokia’s most comprehensive set of information ever. Included are five courses, 23 lectures, 25 lab exercises with source code, and more than 1,200 slides with notes. The material has been designed for university instructors and students, developers, and self-learners. Five main topics are covered:

    • Java ME basics

    • Multimedia

    • Networking and messaging

    • Games and graphics

    • Security

    Of course JME is not so sexy as Android these days, but Nokia still has the largest number of mobile phones out there. And most (even quite low end) support JME, so from a market perspective the potential is much higher than building apps for Android phones...

  • Several CSS reset examples, including a few really short ones.

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