Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best of this Week Summary 26 April - 02 May 2010

  • Google's Chief Java Architect Josh Bloch "discusses many of the problems facing the Java community, including the ineffectiveness of J2ME, licensing problems, Java 7's late ship date, and even the JCP issues that James Gosling often opined about. He points out that these problems predate the Oracle acquisition of Sun, so everyone should just stop pointing their fingers at Larry Ellison."

  • Another Getting Started blogpost for a Mahout-Taste based movie recommendation engine, which uses Wicket as presentation layer.

  • Martin Fowler explaining Inversion of Control and suggesting to call it the Dependency Injection pattern. Notes that the Service Locator pattern can also remove the dependency, just as the DI pattern tries to. Describes which of these options to use. Finally he also gives pros/cons for constructor vs setter injection. Also pros/cons for configuration in the code or via configuration files.

  • Several Javascript performance-optimization tips taken at JSConf 2010.

  • An article "which looks at various storage mechanisms - JDBC, JPA, JavaSpaces, Java Content Repository, MongoDB, and DB4O, primarily - from the perspective of how good they are at CRUD operations and queries". The conclusion is that there is no one "best" mechanism, each has its own best application.

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