Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best of this Week Summary 24 August - 06 September 2009

  • Great introduction to Solr, a search server (and more). The article describes how to get it running, send it some documents to index and how to search those documents in a controlled way.

  • More details on Google Wave: the draft specification for the Google Wave Federation Protocol and the Java source code for the Google Wave Federation Prototype Server

  • An extensive comparison of Spring and Seam. And, recently added chapter 5, comparing them with Wicket 1.3.6. Too long for you to read? Then at least read the conclusion :)
    Talking about Wicket, here are some
    experiences written down on migrating an existing Wicket application to the new 1.4 version.

  • This article provides a short overview on the basics of RESTful HTTP and discusses typical issues that developers face when they design RESTful HTTP applications. It shows how to apply the REST architecture style in practice. It describes commonly used approaches to name URIs, discusses how to interact with resources through the Uniform interface, when to use PUT or POST and how to support non-CRUD operations.
    Related to that, here's 8 great tips/lessons learned for creating an API.

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