Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best of this Week Summary 1 June - 7 June 2009

  • Presentation from the author of POJOs in Action on running Java applications in Amazon's EC2. Shortly describes the opensource project Cloud Tools that can be used to configure Tomcat, MySQL, Apache, JMeter, (cluster) deployment etc. CT also includes AMIs pre-installed with these tools and a Maven and Grails plugin. A couple of sample deployment architectures are shown too. Tiny bit older presentation because it does not mention the AWS Management Console.

  • Of course you know YSlow, which helps you analysing your webpage load time, and then gives you tips on how to improve it. Google has just opensourced its similar tool Page Speed, but with tips based upon different insights. It's a Firefox add-on integrated with Firebug.

  • A 42 minutes presentation by LinkedIn's engineers on exploring the best available technologies which could be used to build its next generation architecture.
    "The new architecture involved using OSGI/Spring DM as the foundation because it had the right properties we were interested in. The code was migrated to a more modular paradigm using binary consumption.
    The session will demonstrate how they integrated OSGi, the pros and cons of the changes, the pain points as well as the migration strategy."

  • Open up your company's data so others can link to it: the next step in the web, and why you should care. As seen by Tim Berners-Lee.

  • Did you know about this cool feature in Java 6 SE: it is possible to make a standalone Java application available as a webservice via the EndPoint class (i.e, via its main() method). Thus: without a container!

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