Sunday, March 9, 2008

Setup and Installation Ubuntu Development Environment with VMWare Part 2

This is the second post in my series on how to setup a development environment on Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) with VMWare 6.02. In this post I'll be detailing how I setup Eclipse 3.3 (Europa), thus with WTP and PDT. I'll also describe my experiences with Europa 3.2 (Callisto), because I tried that too, in case I couldn't get 3.2 working...

Install Sun Java JDK 5

Since I want to use Java 5 in Eclipse, I first installed the JDK via: 'sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jdk', which installs it in /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0.sun. Make sure you use the Java 5 JDK by setting it via "sudo update-alternatives --config java'.

Install Eclipse 3.2 Callisto with WTP

Installation of Eclipse 3.3 is not supported via the repositories. But first I wanted to try to get 3.2 running anyway.
Step 1 - Installation steps Eclipse 3.2 and setup JDK
Substep 1a - Installed Eclipse 3.2 Callisto via 'sudo apt-get install eclipse' and that worked fine.
Substep 1b - I then installed WTP via Eclipse's own Software Updates mechanism. You might want to install it to "/usr/local/lib/eclipse" to make the plugins available for other users. After this, you can find Eclipse 3.2 in the menu Applications/Programming/Eclipse.
Substep 1c - Then set JDK 5 in Eclipse as the one to use (instead of the default GCJ; is not the greatest performance wise apparently).

Install Eclipse 3.2 Callisto with PDT

Apparently it is not really supported, see here and here. So I did try it for a bit but gave up when I found those two statements.

Install Eclipse 3.3 Europa with WTP and PDT

Since I couldn't get it to work with 'get-apt' nor by downloading the .gz, extracting and setting symbolic links to give all users access to it, I followed these steps, which only make it available for the current user:
Step 2 - Installation of Eclipse 3.3 Europa
Substep 2a - Followed the steps in the User Installation section. I used the zip from here.
Substep 2b - Added WTP as I also did above for 3.2. Select what you want. don't forget: expand nodes otherwise 'Get Required' won't search in them!! I also let the plugins installed in the default (Eclipse installation) directory, because we only want the plugins for this special 3.2 version.
Substep 2c - Installed the PDT plugins as described here. It was complaining missing required ODA runtime 1.5.1. To fix that I manually had to select the appropriate checkbox, see screenshot below.

Issues resolved

One problem I was having is that after starting up Ubuntu it always gave the message "There was an error loading the theme Human. Can't open file /usr/share/gdm/themes/Human/Human.xml". I tried changing it in the menu System/Preferences/Themes, but again it showed up. I also tried 'sudo apt-get human-theme', but after reboot the message still appeared. Then I tried removing and adding the feisty themes as mentioned here: 'sudo apt-get remove feisty-gdm-themes' and 'sudo apt-get install feisty-gdm-themes'. Of course I first made a VMWare snapshot before trying this! Actually, the 'remove' said I didn't have the themes installed. And indeed, after a reboot, the message was gone!

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