Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best of this Week Summary 17 December - 29 December 2007

  • Always interesting, a look inside "the kitchen of": the people from have provided some inside-info on the architecture of some of their sites: Backpack en Basecamp. For
    example they are using RoR, MySQL, S3 and memcached.

  • Post (related to the ESB entry in my post last week) regarding the rise of Tomcat as "application" server, in relation with the rise of Spring. Comparing Tomcat with WebLogic and WebSphere is more like comparing Oracle with MySQL. Tomcat is still not at the same level in certain areas as WebLogic and WebSphere, though it is making progress in these areas: clustering and high availability.

  • There's a new revised version of the free e-book from Microsoft on the most important security engineering activities that you should have in your development process: The Developer Highway Code. Written by Paul Maher (Microsoft UK) and Alex Mackman (CM Group Ltd).

  • Great news, version 2.0 of SoapIU has just been released. Improvements include webservice WSDL coverage and WS-Security completely refactored.

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