Sunday, December 9, 2007

Best of this Week Summary 03 December - 09 December 2007

  • Interview with Bruce Schneider, Internet security guru on security (duh), privacy, electronic voting, encryption, passwords and more. One of the ways to attack identity theft is to not rely on authenticating the person, but on authenticating the transaction, as credit card companies do. Another thing he mentions is to *write down your passwords*, which is contradictionary to what you read everywhere; but he says, just put the paper in a safe place like your wallet! And because you write it down, you will more likely pick a strong password.

  • Summary of this week's held Google Web Toolkit conference "Voices that matter".

  • Nice inside view on how BT uses social software like RSS, Wiki, Podcasts etc. on their intranet.

  • Pattern specification of the requester side caching pattern and its implementation.
    The requester side caching pattern is one of mediating the interaction between one or more clients and one or more data providers. The mediation consists of holding data items that have been produced by the provider(s) and using them to support requests from the client(s).

  • Finally the OpenID 2.0 specifications have been made final and released!

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