Sunday, September 16, 2007

Best of this Week Summary 09 Sept - 16 Sept 2007

  • Good discussion about the question whether CSS frameworks are useful.

  • Quite basic but still interesting free online chapter "Beautiful tests" for a forthcoming book named "Beautiful Code". Interesting in it is that it shows that even the shortest piece of code can contain bugs, like a Binary Search implementation. Via TSS.

  • Good tips (thoughts) on scalability of an application. Quite a large focus on threading and decoupling of tasks, and a bit on memory usage.

  • Simple flexible little Java framework (I'd call it a pattern) to decouple event production and consumption. Check also this Ph. D thesis for an elaborate staged event-driven architecture.

  • There's now a nice introduction with example code to create a sample application for AIR (previously Apollo), Silverlight and JavaFX. I've also added it to post where I compare these and Flash/Flex.

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