Saturday, September 8, 2007

Best of this Week Summary 03 Sept - 08 Sept 2007

  • Good interview with IBM VP about BPM and SOA and how they are related.

  • Microsoft released Silverlight 1.0 and is also going to built a version for Linux, together with Novell. That version, based on Mono, will be named Moonlight. Some more reports of this news here and here. See my post from May for a quick overview of Silverlight vs AIR vs JavaFX vs Flash/Flex.

  • 6 interesting questions you should address when considering SOA. Questions range from security to ROI.


Sandy Kemsley said...

If by "IBM guy" you mean Sandy Carter, she's not a guy.

I get the same thing all the time. :)

Techie said...

Ouch! Fixed (in a very safe way ;).