Saturday, July 14, 2007

Best of this Week Summary 01 - 14 July 2007

  • Last week GPL v3 has been released. This article gives a good overview of what has changed, with one of the major changes being the anti-"tivoization" provision. This ensures that the owner of a device that uses GPL software can change that software.
    When you are going to use open source tools that use this GPL3, it can have a serious impact the use of it on your project and product.

  • This is a free downloadable handy Ruby tool that checks for a given CSS file whether the CSS statements are used in any of the supplied HTML pages. For large projects the CSS might have gotten so big that is too hard to check whether all selectors are actually used. CSS files are usually a significant part of any website page, so size does matter for CSS files. Removing any unused selectors is thus very useful excercise.

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